I'm here to serve YOU.

Are you a foster parent, adoptive parent, refugee or a missionary?

If you are- I'm now offering a special PAY WHAT YOU CAN package just for you!

There are many things I'm passionate about, but my work with refugee families, my role as an adoptive mother, and my love for reaching people with the good news of Jesus are at the TOP of my list. And I want to serve YOU in that role.

As a foster/adoptive parent I KNOW how precious photos can be to you. Maybe you don't have any pictures of a certain time in your child's life before they were with you, I know how hard that can be. Don't let the investment of family photos stop you from getting pictures now. Let's talk about a PWYC family session!

I'll never forget sitting with a table of my ESL students (all refugees) and discussing that they lost EVERY single photo they ever had of their family, their weddings, themselves, etc. It BROKE me as a photographer. If you're a refugee, I'd love to provide some current photographs to you that you can keep forever.

If you serve as a missionary, I know you're constantly needing updated pictures, especially as your kids are growing and changing. I would be so happy to offer you a PWYC package to help you keep photos updated and take the stress off of needing more. Even if you are a single person, a couple, or a large family- Let's talk about how I can serve you!

This is your story.

I'm just here to capture it.